A lot of farmers are realizing how important the internet is to their farming operations. While those that have been in the farming business for many years may at first be reluctant to invest in internet technology those that do find it to be a very wise investment. There are many different types of resources that can be used to assist in farming operations.

Should Farmers Rely on Mobile Apps?

Many of the farmers that are now entering this industry have grown up in an environment where they had access to a variety of different types of apps that range from a swipe app to ones that require more input. Based on their familiarity with this type of resource they immediately recognize just how useful different apps can be to their farming operations.

Types of Mobile Apps Beneficial to Farmers

There are new apps becoming available on a regular basis. This means farmers must be aware of what is available and discern which ones will be beneficial to them. The common type of apps used by farmers is those that can have them access the markets they are interested in. They can use apps that pertain to different types of fertilizers. They can use apps as a training resource. Then another simple but important app is a weather app.

How the Different Apps are Used for Farming Operations

There is one app called Pioneer/Encirca that lets a farmer enter information about their field conditions. The information provided automatically gets geo-referenced.

For farmers that really want to stay informed there are apps like Farm Futures. This app provides the most up to date industry news at a glance.

For crop growing information there are several different apps available to assist the farming industry. Some of these apps allow for the tracking of current and future weather information along with crop growing stages and soil conditions.