One may think that in today’s age with all the modern technology that is available that the farmers don’t face as many financial challenges as they may have had years ago. Unfortunately, this is not true. There are some things that technology cannot change is the weather. But, the weather can cause financial hardships for the farming industry.

The cost of Fodder and Animal Feed

Those that are into pastoral farming have the responsibility of keeping their livestock healthy. Their nutrition plays an important role in this. For farmers that have plenty of lush land this helps to relieve some of the financial costs that come with providing feed for the animals. But, this type of land used to compliment the feed is subject to the weather conditions.

Assistance for Animal Feed Costs

When the weather has been uncooperative and there has been a wet spell then the natural feed is dramatically affected. This not only creates a significant financial burden on the farmers, but it creates a shortage which is another challenge for the farmers. The UK government has recognized this and has taken steps to create an animal feed bank. This allows farmers to buy the feed they need as well as allows farmers to sell their surplus to help offset their other costs.

Wet Weather and Financial Challenges

A season of wet weather not only affects those farmers with livestock operations but also affects the arable farming industry. This type of weather delays the spring cultivations which is so important to farmers in this farming. It can end up resulting in lost revenue.

There really isn’t much the farmers can do to offset these significant and detrimental financial challenges. Other that realize that there will be seasons where they occur and planning accordingly financially for these times.